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There are all kinds of professions in this world and all kinds of jobs, but there is no question that people who work outside of an office have more freedom to get their job done at their own pace. The problem with field service related jobs is that it can be hard for business owners … Continue reading Field service management app Continue Reading
The safety of all children while they are in school has always been a very important thing for society in general. Parents are always concerned about the level of professionalism that principals and teachers have in school but the main concern resides in making sure that bus drivers are being careful when they are taking … Continue reading School bus tracking system Continue Reading
A lot of mobile devices available in the market right now are equipped with new forms of technology, including GPS technology, which allows people to know your exact location regardless of wherever you are in the world. This makes it easier to find people wherever they are, especially when it comes to parents and their … Continue reading Key Benefits of Field Service Management Software Continue Reading
Many mobile devices have GPS tracking.  The most basic use of GPS is to track the precise location of a vehicle or person.  The location is then displayed on a map on a GPS-capable mobile device in real time. What are the various uses of GPS tracking on a Smartphone or tablet? Aside from showing … Continue reading Uses of GPS Tracking in Mobile Devices Continue Reading