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Prioritize Your Team Activities

provide the best service with every customer interaction

Real-Time Tracking

With the Team tab, you can track down the current position of every member of your field agents alongside relevant information about their schedule for the day and what they were able to achieve. It provides you all the necessary information needed to closely monitor the performance of your team for the day. You can see the meetings/ visits they planned for a specific day, the recorded activities of their field assignments, as well as any expenditure claimed with easy connection to the associated field activities.

Prioritize your Team Activities and get more jobs

Trackware field management software gives you the ability to prioritize your team activities and provide the best service with every customer interaction, get in-touch with customers faster and better with seamless communication tools giving complete visibility, and overview of your sales, giving you the information you need to adapt your marketing and sales activities for growth.

Maintain Your Reporting Structure

We allow you to duplicate the whole structure of your business so can outline the hierarchy of authority just the way it is in the hierarchy of your organization. This will clearly define the type of information available to any field agent which will bring about a smooth execution of the software in the operation of your company’s field force.

Simple CRM – Manage your contact

Trackware contact management system is a complete simple CRM system for business owners to perform more and better work outreach. Our contact management tool allows you to manage your contacts with customers, employees, and equipment to make the most of every interaction with a complete overview of their clients, including the history of activities, key contacts, customer communication, and discussion on the internal account, to equip your sales team with more ammunition to close jobs.

Service Scheduling

Trackware field service scheduling software helps you to quickly allocate new jobs with its extensive functionality and intuitive design. A one click is all that is needed to access the major ticket details. Trackware field management software helps you in scheduling the right field staff. Simply drag and drop against the staff name field, enter the estimated duration of the task – and you’re done!

Our robust, drag and drop scheduling field software makes it easy to schedule and to communicate with employees, quickly assign the right people to the right job with a single click, saving you more time.

Dispatching Tasks

Trackware field service software dispatching features is much more than a map online. You can assign jobs to employees, plan your daily tasks to increase employee efficiency.

  • Send a new assignment to a team member.
  • Send a change of plan to a team member.
  • Setup daily tasks for all employees.
  • All team dispatches status.
  • All dispatched orders history of the customers and employees.
  • Monitoring Team
  • Keep a full-service record

Trackware field management service software makes it easy for you to keep track of customer jobs and the dates of service. Create and track service records for your clients immediately to proactively identify possibilities for future customer history-based services. Our tracking software acts as a database of client service history helps you stay on top of future orders, requiring scheduled maintenance.

Workforce Mobile Connect App (Soon)

Trackware Mobile Workforce Management app allows you to send jobs to workers by notifications with the Android or IOS mobile applications, ensuring communication in the field is seamless. With this feature, you can send information easily, safely and confidentially and get delivery notice to prove the reception. Every notification is stored for references On the Mobile app, employees can check his or her pending task, locate their position on the map, use GPS to reach their destination, reports incidences and execution of each task, send a copy of e-contract to customer’s e -mail and send pictures and videos to management. Increase work efficiency and minimize the possibility of data errors by a combined effective management of information technologies and mobility.

Business Automation

Easily assign work to team members so You can work smarter. Trackware field service automation software enables real-time push notifications for mobile devices, with live tracking and real time location and activity updates, you will be alerted to every status change. Notification messages to always keep you informed and up to date. Your day should be spent strengthening your team and not scheduling them. With Trackware software field services automation software, you can directly communicate with your workers with simple notifications to your employees and customers.

Quote management software (Soon)

Trackware quote management software will help prioritize your contacts and conversations with customers, to plan and immediately make an estimate based on a calculation done on a custom field. This gives a complete overview of prices that have been sent and must be sent.
Not only can you create it from anywhere, but you can immediately send it to your customers.

Job Tracking

Use Trackware service scheduling software to track each work order, eliminate overbooking or under booking jobs with the included real-time online scheduling tools. Get a complete overview of the schedules of all employees and dates in order to give the team an efficient and timely service. Assign work orders to individuals or teams with our drag-and-drop interface with a simple click from the order itself.

Work Order management (Soon)

Trackware work order management software allows dispatchers and others to create and effectively manage jobs. The powerful features of configuration engine features ensure work order field staff continue working in the same way as before automation. Easily and accurately track work orders in the same manner as previously. Accurately track time, saves every entry and actions, thereby giving you a complete visibility into the details of each job.

Either from your computer, smartphone, or another device, Trackware has made it easy to track time spent at work. Your team can take advantage of the user-friendly interface on the field.

Manage invoicing and billings effortlessly (Soon)

Trackware one click invoice features.

  • Avoid duplication and improve data accuracy of your invoices.
  • Send estimates and invoices directly from the application with a single click.
  • The user can customize the entire email, including the logo, header, and footer.

Live Dashboard

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure Having a good insight about your business performance and financial returns helps you to take good business decisions. Trackware field service management software Web application allows getting an instant eye-view of the field service operations and sales with the intuitive live dashboard feature. Just log in from any device and get access to your sales and work schedules by the number of days / weeks / months duration or the custom duration format. The dashboard is also equipped with instant filters which allows you to see your agents and their current locations, those on-field, those off-field, or those in a meeting. Trackware gives you insightful and actionable information through the powerful reporting that provides answers to questions which are necessary to have a good understanding of your business. Questions like:

  • Which job type is the most profitable for me?
  • What is the growth in revenue in relation to the job type over a time period?
  • Which category of field agents are the most revenue producers
  • What is the regular time spent executing each job type?
  • Do you have any problem with utilization?
  • Is there a need to review my dispatching method?
  • ……and lots more

We allow you to see the specific routes your team covered in the day to make sure that your resources team has optimal geographical spread to ensure reduction in manpower needs and fuel charges.


ERP and CRM integration (Soon)

Trackware mobile CRM has been designed to make it easy to feed your existing ERP and CRM systems with complete data from the field. This provides managers and customers real-time insight into field operations. Trackware ERP and CRM systems feature a service application with an open API, which means that the integration possibilities are endless. You can manage your business at the go.

Either from your computer, smartphone, or another device, Trackware has made it easy to track time spent at work.

Your team can take advantage of the user-friendly interface on the field.

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