Bakery Management Software

Service Scheduling Made Easier

Trackware’s Bakery Management Software includes a scheduling tool with an intuitive design and extensive functionality to improve profitability and efficiency. This feature helps you assign new jobs to the most appropriate field worker and quickly access the primary ticket details. All you need to do is drag and drop the employee name field, input the estimated task duration, and send out the order information.

This drag-and-drop scheduling method allows you to schedule field jobs, communicate with your team, and assign the right member to the right assignments with just one click of a button.

Dispatch your Bakery Management Team with Ease

The software comes with a Dispatching and Routing tool that allows you to assign jobs to members and manage daily routes. Further, this feature enables you to:

  • send plan changes to team members
  • monitor your team’s activities
  • verify lot tracking from ingredients to finished baked goods
  • view real-time dispatch status and history of dispatched orders
  • keep track of all dispatch records

With Bakery Management Software, you will be able to manage stocks, sales orders, and recipes effectively. You will have access to production planning, nutritional analysis, and other tools essential for the growth of your bakery business.

Connect with Your Team Seamlessly

The application features Workforce Mobile Connect that lets you send service jobs via text to your team of bakers. You can deliver information easily and confidentially, and receive delivery notice as proof of reception. On the other hand, your bakery management team can:

  • check their pending task,
  • view their location on the map,
  • use GPS tracking to reach their destinations on time,
  • report incidences and completion of tasks,
  • email a copy of the contract to customers, and
  • send relevant videos, photos of cakes, and other orders to management

Effective time and resources management, combined with the latest mobility and information technology, will minimize data errors and improve work efficiency by a significant degree.

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Bakery Management Software