Beverage Distribution Software

Reinforce Customer Relationships

Building strong, profitable relationships with your consumers is simple with the Beverage Distribution Software. This software has a customer relationship management (CRM) aspect, collecting and analyzing customer data incredibly easily. Your distribution team can gather data points even while on the go, as long as they have the app installed in their mobile phone or tablet. The collected data is then synced automatically to your mobile device, giving you up-to-the-minute insights into your clients’ information. The software also lets you:

  • customize and sort your customer database based on your preference and business needs
  • discover upselling and cross-selling opportunities with the field data collection tool

In turn, these capabilities will give you an edge to achieve stronger relationships with all your clients.

Work Smarter with Business Automation

Trackware’s service automation system supports real-time notifications for all mobile devices. You can get alerts to all activities and location updates, and ensure you’re up-to-date and well-informed with every status change in each beverage distribution operation. With this feature, you can communicate directly with your team members via text messaging, and set automatic reminders for your customers and employees. Running your beverage distribution and delivery business in full automation will reduce driving miles, delivery costs, and fuel consumption, thus increasing your company’s sales and revenue.

Track Sales and Service Operations in One Glance

The Beverage Distribution Software features a live dashboard in which you can get an instant view of the sales records and field operations. You can log in from any mobile device to get access to work schedules in various durations — days, weeks, or months, or you may simply view it in the standard duration format. The live dashboard also has built-in filters that let you locate your delivery team and see who are on-field, off-field, or in a meeting. Trackware aims to give you actionable and insightful information by means of a powerful reporting tool that provides quick answers necessary to acquire better understanding of your beverage distribution business.

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Beverage Distribution Software