Carpentry App

Providing Quality Customer Service

Deliver fast, reliable service to your customers with Trackware’s Carpentry App Communicate with your clients and improve transparency within your team of carpenters in order to make sure that services have been accomplished satisfactorily.

  • Give your team members the ability to email before-and-after photos to clients right after the carpentry job has been completed.
  • Help your carpenters deliver on-time and consistent service using the Service Scheduling feature.
  • Provide your clients with expert support by giving your team access to customer history right on their mobile devices.

Encourage Team Productivity Among Your Team of Carpenters

If you’re having a hard time monitoring the activities of your carpenters in the field, Carpenter Apps has the tools you need to make that task easier and more convenient. With Real-Time Tracking and GPS technology, you can gain visibility to your field staff’s whereabouts and goings-on at the present moment.

  • Every activity—capturing woodwork photos, completing forms, client check-ins/outs, etc.—is time and location stamped.
  • Boost productivity within your team by teaching them effective time and resources management with Service Scheduling feature.
  • Utilize the Reporting Tool to identify setbacks in the field and resolve them immediately.

Implementing POS Service Invoices

The Carpentry App comes with a service invoicing feature that can include terms, conditions, parts and labor for a clear breakdown of the items used and prices of each.

  • At the jobsite, your team can produce service items needed for the carpentry job and attach them to work orders for accurate billing.
  • Your carpenters can capture client signatures and generate invoices on-site to reduce back-office data entry and discrepancies.
  • Your team can send invoices to clients shortly after the service has been completed. By doing so, you can speed up the billing procedures and get paid almost immediately.
  • You may edit and customize invoices to suit your individual and business accounts, and generate invoices electronically in Excel and/or PDF versions.

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Carpentry App by Trackware