Catering management software

A catering business allows you to become a part of your customers’ special moments. And these are moments that they want to make sure are perfect. Efficient catering management software with ERP and CRM features lets you stay on top of your operations.

Stronger Customer Relationship

You can easily communicate and coordinate with your team members to ensure that everything goes smoothly. From managing deliveries to dinner service, you stay in control of your events. The application also improves your relationship with customers as they can get real time updates on how everything is going. From getting client approvals during the planning stage to staying posted as the event happens, the software helps you build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Efficient Service Invoices

While ensuring that events are seamless and memorable is on top of your priorities, you also need to pay close attention to your invoices. Accurate data is necessary when creating service invoices so you neither over nor under bill customers. With Trackware’s Catering management software, you or your team can quickly fill these out even while you’re still at the location. This reduces the risk of details or billable services being left out or duplicated. In addition, since the software is the same one you use for tracking everything from planning to assigned work force, creating invoices is much more efficient. There is little to no risk of inaccurate data being used.

Improve Team Productivity

Whether you’re catering for a cozy affair or a huge event, you want to make sure that everybody in your team is doing what they’re supposed to be doing. No more wondering where each member is at because the software lets you track down their current position. You also stay updated on visits, meetings and field assignments that your team accomplishes as they can update the software with these necessary details.

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Catering management software