Courier service tracking app

Courier service tracking app

Speed and reliability are the cornerstones of a successful courier service. Your customers depend on you to deliver their valuable packages. To ensure that you are able to live up to your customers’ expectations, you need to have a team that can perform above standards, and a courier service tracking app can make that happen.

Improve Team Productivity

Trackware’s Courier service tracking app lets you maximize your team’s productivity by staying on top of jobs allocated. You can manage delivery schedules to ensure that you don’t over book which may result in delays. Late deliveries can give your business a bad rep; this software can reduce the likelihood of that occurrence. The app also allows you to track your employees so you are always updated on where they are en route to delivery.

Efficient Billing and Invoicing

Sending out invoices to customers can be a challenging task especially with multiple transactions to monitor. Your employees make numerous deliveries and creating and sending out accurate invoices to your customers are essential to ensure revenue. The app simplifies the entire process and makes this part of the business a lot easier. You can generate invoices even while on the go as the app works on different platforms such as your mobile device and computer. It also allows you to customize the entire email with your logo, header and footer so your correspondences appear more professional.

Improve Customer Relationships

A strong customer relationship can have a huge impact on your business’ revenue. Happy and satisfied customers are loyal and can bring repeat business that help improve your profit. A strong application with integrated ERP and CRM features allows your customers to track their packages so they know exactly when these will arrive. It gives them peace of mind knowing they will be able to track and trace shipments whenever they need and want.

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Courier service tracking app