Dog Walking Software

Dog Walking Software for Dog Walking Service Providers

Manage Dog Walkers More Efficiently to Improve Their Productivity

There used to be no way to make sure that hired dog walkers are actually doing their job. However, with the use of Trackware’s Field Service Management software, managing dog walkers is now simple with a few, quick swipe and tap on a mobile device. The downloadable dog walking software enables team managers and dog walking service owners to manage their team of dog walkers and thereby improve productivity. The software can locate and tag the location of a dog walker in real-time through a GPS-enabled tracking feature. It provides timestamps for every activity. This information is simultaneously sent to both dog owners and service providers, ensuring them that the dog walkers are doing their job.

Enables Dog Walkers to Provide Excellent Customer Assistance

Most clients want detailed information about their dog’s walk. The software features communication tools that enable dog walkers to provide information to dog owners seamlessly. It allows dog owners to choose their walkers and talk to them, and further evaluate them or whether they will suit the personality of the dogs that have to be walked. At the same time, if dog walkers are booked, dog owners can easily contact them and ask updates about their dog and how a walk went successfully. Along with communication tools, the software also has scheduling tools that allow service owners to provide activity report and photo updates to customers, providing them with the information they need.

Build Stronger Relationships with Customers

The best way to eliminate any worries from dog owners is to provide them with instant and constant updates about their dog. By giving them up-to-the-minute customer assistance, trust and loyalty is built. Worker management and customer service, features mentioned above, can only be complete with the inclusion of a customer relationship management (CRM) feature. The dog walking software’s CRM builds trust and loyalty because it provides dog walkers and dog walking service providers with the right information, so they can talk easily with clients. The software’s CRM has a customer database complete with information including contact details, dog breed, dog activity preferences, and everything that dog walkers need to provide the best service.

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Dog Walking Software