Electrician App

Electrician App for Electrical Service Providers

Scheduling Software Opens Up More Work Orders

The intuitive design and extensive functions of Trackware’s electrician app make it easy to open up new and more orders for electrician services. This provides more jobs for electrician in the field. The scheduling feature of the electrician app is also user-friendly. Anyone can use it. A work order can be simply dragged and dropped onto an electrician’s name on the screen. To complete the job assignment, the duration of the task is added. Service providers can also easily access job details required by clients, and assign and schedule these to electricians with free schedules or those who are near the area of required service.

Service Invoices Makes It Easy for Clients to Book Electricians

Invoicing is one of the most difficult tasks in business operations. With this app for electricians however, the task becomes easy, thanks to its one-click invoice feature. The one-click feature eliminates the possibility of issuing duplicate invoices to clients, which is always stressful for both service providers and clients. With one click, swipe, or tap, invoices are sent immediately to clients. The feature also improves integrity of invoices because service providers are sure that their invoices are accurate of rates. Invoices can also be customized to include a company’s letterhead or logo.

CRM Software Tool Makes Customers Loyal

Trackware’s electrician app features a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that enables service providers to build stronger relationship with clients. It helps service providers to put together their clients’ contact information, activity history, communication history, and other important details. These details are used to strategically provide customers with electrical service that are catered to their needs. Details gathered from clients are also used to build a database that houses information about current, former, and potential customers. Having such information handy makes it easier for service owners, sales team, and customer service to communicate with clients, ask them what their electrical needs are, determine if they were satisfied with the electrician’s job, and if further electrical service can be provided for them.

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Electrician App by Trackware