Equipment Management Software

Equipment Management Software for Construction Companies

Field Service CRM Tool for Managing Fleet and Equipment

Construction, equipment rental, and heavy machinery companies can rely on Trackware’s equipment management software. It enables such companies to provide excellent customer service through its customer relationship management (CRM) tool. The CRM tool makes it simple, quick, and easy to provide customer support and service to clients by increasing communication between company and customers. Communication between the two comprises of photos, email forms, reports, and other important information about equipment inspections, repairs, and maintenance. It enables companies to provide the right support by allowing customer service representatives access to client information. Managers on the other hand, can easily check the client database for upcoming maintenance checks.

Remote Workforce Management

Trackware’s workforce management software enables team managers to improve their team’s productivity by remotely monitoring their activity and location. The software can automatically locate team members in the field and indicate the time they were onsite to accomplish their tasks. It can tag GPS location which helps managers to track the movement of fleets and heavy equipment whenever they are being transferred from one site to another. Plus, through the software’s reporting tool, the time and location of equipment and team members in the field can be consolidated. In case there are discrepancies in the report, managers can quickly address concerned individuals.

Manage Inspectors and Equipment in the Field in One App

Company owners, busy as they are, can still increase their sales with Trackware’s equipment management software. It helps company owners to remotely operate and monitor their field service employees and equipment. By doing so, they can provide clients with the services and equipment they need. The software can provide business owners with solutions in one easy access app. Owners can monitor if work orders were delivered or whether equipment were checked. They can also monitor the transport mileage for every machine or equipment that was delivered or transferred. They can also keep track of employee hours and jobs accomplished. They can also monitor if equipment mechanics sent their meter readings, reported to the job site, and more.

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Equipment Management Software by Trackware