Fire Alarm Inspection Software

Fire Alarm Inspection Software

Fire Alarm Inspection Software for Protection and Maintenance Service Providers

Work Order Management Accomplishes More Tasks

Fire safety inspection is a serious business. Service providers can use Trackware’s fire alarm inspection software to ensure that their team members are doing their best to provide safety and security to clients. Team activity can be monitored and managed remotely with this software. From the office, service providers can remotely assign fire inspection or work orders to team members by tracking their location. As soon as inspectors are visible in the field, inspections are assigned based on location and time. Inspectors can report back and enable service owners to assign more tasks.

Business Automation Improves Productivity and Customer Service

Fire safety inspections used to be stressful for customers; however, Trackware’s inspection software makes the process smooth and easy by providing a way for customers to communicate their concerns. It also enables inspectors to provide photo updates to both service providers and their clients. This way, both parties are ensured that no problem has occurred during the fire inspection. It also informs both parties that inspection has been successful. More importantly, the app provides a way for customers to quickly connect to service providers in case they need further inspection. In addition, the app allows access for inspectors to view customer information, so they can easily talk with client.

Dispatching and Routing Increases Sales

Trackware’s fire alarm inspection software helps service providers to quickly assign new jobs to inspectors, and make more sales. It offers a wide range of functions in one app designed for field services. It features a one-click access point for major details including work order, client information, and inspector information. The app’s one-click access point enables service providers to schedule work orders to the right field staff. As soon as the schedule is assigned, the app can automatically notify inspectors for their new job. This saves time and so, both owners and employees can close more deals.

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Fire Alarm Inspection Software by Trackware