Flooring Software

Flooring Software

Flooring Software for Building Contractors

Featuring the Live Dashboard for Field Services

Trackware’s flooring software has a Live Dashboard that enables contractors to monitor the sales, work orders, and employees through a single interactive, real-time control panel. It includes many features that can help building contractors operate their business remotely, wherever they are. For example, there are instant updates about what employees are doing in the field, where they are, and if they need to finish more work orders. It also features summarized sales reports so contractors can quickly see their profits for every flooring project. The dashboard also includes filters, so contractors can customize their viewing panel according to their preferences. They can view reports depending on work order location, duration, and total costs.

Issuing and Managing Invoices for Flooring Projects in One App

While monitoring and operating the business, contractors can also seamlessly create and issue invoices for clients through Trackware’s invoicing software. The invoicing tool provides features the make life easier for contractors and clients. Through the app, field reports can be used as references for invoicing. No need to open up separate applications. With a few clicks and taps on the screen, invoices are ready to be sent out to clients. In case work orders are not finished for the day, daily estimates, using the same field reports, can be created and sent to clients as well. Another available feature is the app’s customizable invoice design. Contractors can add their service logo and other important contact details in their invoices.

Scheduling and Dispatching Field Workers to Flooring Projects

Trackware’s flooring software has a management tool that enables contractors to remotely manage flooring work orders from clients and assign them to available workers. The work order management tool features scheduling for new flooring orders and tracking for ongoing projects. It can track time, monitor the percentage of flooring work done, and the tasks accomplished by workers. This makes it easy to manage long-term flooring projects. In addition, the scheduling and work order management tool can be accessed either from a computer or any mobile device. It has a user-friendly interface that can be used across different platforms.

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