Handyman Business Software

Every business needs to effectively track and organize large amounts of information, which is why there is a need for handyman business software. Without the right software, a lot of hours are wasted in filing records and processing job orders that would have been better spent on serving the clients. That’s why handyman or service management software can positively impact a company’s productivity.


The right handyman software ensures the right people get access to the right job. You have to dispatch a technician to address your customers’ issues. When you want to immediately address your customers’ concerns, you also want to ensure the proper technicians are used to minimize white space and drive times and maximize efficiency.

Efficient scheduling needs you to:

  • Track customer orders,
  • Know the available technicians and when they can work, and
  • Time every order, do adjustments, and ensure the qualified technician sees the order.

Client Tracking

The clients are any business’s most important asset and the right handyman business software should let you access and track everything you should know at one click. The right software makes sure you can manage clients with features like:

  • Customer history,
  • Complete client records,
  • Email clients,
  • Search function,
  • Multiple property support,
  • Work and billing history,
  • Add notes, and
  • Flagging problematic clients


Task Management

The software’s tasks and calendar function keeps your business organized and focused. Your technicians won’t have to be in the dark on what needs to be accomplished. With the handyman software, you know what’s going on in your business, where it’s happening, when it’s happening, and who are involved.

Some task management features include:

  • Complete and assign tasks,
  • Analyze and track technician performance and task time,
  • Track task quantities and costs,
  • Task reporting,
  • Keep track of your services that are most called for, and
  • Use a customer service or your price book.

The handyman business software can help you improve your relationship with your customers by letting you establish profitable and strong interactions with them.

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