Janitorial software

Janitorial services do not only involve keeping commercial buildings and offices clean and organized. Advanced field management software can help janitorial companies stay on track with all their assignments.

Assign the right people to the right job

There are also related tasks for this particular aspect, such as ingress and egress assistance for various events and security assistance, in case there is a shortage of security personnel. The wide range of tasks that janitorial companies handle may call for field management software, so the right persons can be called to handle the tasks fit for them. Using janitorial software enables dispatchers to select capable personnel that are able to do the required job well, translating to improved customer service and client trust.

Improve productivity and encourage teamwork

While janitorial tasks can be accomplished by one person, there are instances that an individual may not be able to finish it. This is where team effort comes in; more hands working on a task gets it done in a shorter time. With a few clicks on the janitorial software dashboard, teams can be sent to a certain location that needs an immediate response. Whether it is cleaning up a structure after a storm, or setting up an office building before a company moves in – field management software can and will definitely contribute a helping hand to janitorial companies.

Schedule assignments of staff members

Scheduling is an important matter, most especially for janitorial services. From persons going to a particular office on certain days, to plotting out the rest days of staff members—these are matters that require careful plotting. A modern field management app does away with manual scheduling methods. With an automated janitorial software system, dispatchers can assign persons to different locations on certain days, and even mark their rest days in no time. In case a staff member cannot show up on that day due to an unforeseen event or sickness, substitute personnel can simply be informed to fill in for the absent one.

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