Landscape management software

A lot of landscape management companies claim they can make landscapes look better, but only a handful really go the extra mile to reach out to potential clients. Leverage the digital revolution in landscape management.

Increase sales by marketing services

Landscape management software allows companies to showcase the extent of their services; they can display before and after pictures, customer testimonials, and list of popular clients. Doing so allows landscape management service providers to advertise what they can do to potential leads, building up their reputation and gaining new customers in the process.

Schedule projects and client visits

With a lot of clients and requests for landscaping jobs, companies can potentially be overwhelmed by the demand. Improperly arranged service schedules can lead to customer issues if not addressed at the soonest possible time. Landscaping jobs usually last around a week, so commitments must be plotted out to avoid scheduling conflicts. Good thing landscape management software has a built-in scheduling system that automatically plots out the time table for projects. It also informs of any potential conflict in the time table, enabling tasks to be moved at either an earlier or a later time. Scheduled projects can also be assigned to different teams; this feature allows companies to work on two separate landscaping jobs at different locations, at the same time and divide resources and the workforce efficiently while doing so.

Generate invoices instantly

The plants are arranged, the decorative stones have been set, and the landscaping job is done. Next comes the invoicing, which calls for landscape management companies issuing a bill of materials and services to their clients upon completion of a project. Most businesses are doing away with handwritten templates, preferring landscape management software that facilitates invoicing with a few clicks. Itemized billing can now be done in a shorter period of time with no need to fish for separate receipts for a single client. In addition, companies can bill their large clients for their property landscaping needs—using only one invoice sheet!

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