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It may look simple, but there is more to locksmithing than repairing door locks and servicing customers locked out of their homes, cars, and offices. Field management software on the other hand can open doors for locksmithing companies.

Schedule client visits everyday

Even simple jobs such as locksmithing can benefit a lot from dependable locksmithing software. Service schedules for certain clients can be plotted down in advance, to be acted upon when the day itself arrives. Other clients who have sudden locksmithing needs or those that call for immediate lockout services can be simply booked depending on the availability. No need to move appointments to accommodate customers that get locked out of their car or have door locks that need to be fixed. This can be done with a few taps on mobile devices. Coupled with GPS tracking, mobile locksmiths can simply visit the customer′s location to provide the required service in no time.

Print invoices immediately

Invoicing is a breeze for locksmiths, and it can be commenced as soon as the job is done. The invoice can be printed if there is a mobile printer available, and QR codes can be generated for customers who prefer a paperless option. If the customer so prefers, the invoice can be sent via e-mail and opened at a later time, with the payment also to come later. No fuss, no fiddling, and definitely no more paper invoicing. Tap away and wait for the electronic invoice to finish generating. Truly, locksmithing software can give regular companies a touch of professional flair.

Improve customer relations and promote your service

Locksmithing mainly focuses on services, but with a few tricks – it is possible to actually increase ″sales″ through the use of a CRM system bundled with locksmithing software. Through this software, locksmiths can advertise the extent of the services they offer (plus the pricing). Customer testimonials can be included to further cement their reputation, including scenarios where the skill of a locksmith became useful. It can also include stories on how the locksmith′s timely intervention saved the day, as in the case of home and car lockouts. It can even be pushed further—by utilizing the software to build up a customer database running on a loyalty system.

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