Maid service software

Housekeeping and maid services put a premium on cleanliness and accuracy when it comes to getting various domestic tasks done. Now, even housekeeping companies can clean house – through the use of reliable field management apps.

Manage schedules and team assignments

Some service and housekeeping companies might not be able to finish some tasks agreed upon – primarily due to the limited time. In addition, coordinating between members is necessary—most especially in cases involving tasks spread over a wide area (e.g. cleaning and housekeeping different building floors). Maid service software installed on staff members′ devices can facilitate coordination and further improve productivity. Each member can give updates on the progress of their assigned areas in real-time. With real-time updates, assigned tasks over large areas can be accomplished in a shorter period.

Increase customer relations and build up a client base

Similarly, this premium on cleanliness and accuracy can and will eventually translate into a loyal customer base. What better way to tap this customer pool by using reliable maid service software. Information about customers that frequently avail of their services can be entered into a database. These can then be prepared as a potential client roster for any loyalty programs or sales pitches the company might implement in the near future. Field management software also makes booking and reservation easier for customers. They can simply click a button on a portal (e.g. a mobile app or a website), fill in a few details, and wait for a confirmation message.

Advertise your service to more customers

One way for maid services and housekeeping companies to maintain steady customer relationships is to ensure clean and organized spaces for all their clients. Another method to strengthen a cleaning service company′s customer base is to utilize the marketing functionality of maid service software. Pictures of home or office spaces that the company has cleaned, alongside client comments and positive feedback, can be advertised through the software to attract potential sales leads. Inquiries can also be answered through the same software for a quicker response time, and clients can even submit their testimonials showing how the company′s efficient service helped out!

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