Painting contractor software

How painting contractor software makes project handling easier

Dependable software could do so much for painting companies.

Show potential customers what your company can do

An exceptional interior or exterior paint job following a construction project provides a sense of completion and accomplishment. Many painting contractors promise to give customers only the best, but most of them fail to live up to it. Nevertheless, there are a few contractors who go the extra mile for their clients—through the use of painting contractor software. By promoting their capabilities through pictures of finished projects and positive feedback from satisfied clients, they are able to solidify their reputation.

Manage painting project schedules

On the other hand, in-demand painting contractors need a solution to handle the influx of job orders. A company′s reputation can attract much more customers when properly built up. However, it is possible for a company to fail to deliver the expected service, mainly due to the sheer volume of clients. This is where the importance of scheduling comes in—and painting contractor software bundled with a calendar module can definitely help. Dispatchers can utilize the automated software to arrange suitable painting jobs on a daily or weekly basis in the incorporated calendar, so that there is ample time to prepare.

Improve and strengthen client relations

After the painting job is done and everything looks fresh, a feedback system incorporated into painting contractor software will enable customers to say what they think about the painting contractor. They can praise staff members and give ratings about the quality of the workmanship, and even give suggestions as to how future painting jobs can be improved. Customers can give negative ratings likewise, if the staff do not provide satisfactory service throughout the project duration, or the workmanship is shoddy. Regardless of the outcome (positive or negative), these will be stored in the database. It is then up to the company if they will consider these as points of improvement.

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