Key Benefits of Field Service Management Software

A lot of mobile devices available in the market right now are equipped with new forms of technology, including GPS technology, which allows people to know your exact location regardless of wherever you are in the world. This makes it easier to find people wherever they are, especially when it comes to parents and their concern with losing their children whenever they are away from them or in some place public.

In effect, a family locator has made it difficult for kids, especially teens, to lie to their parents about where they are, given that they can always be monitored by their parents through GPS. If kids today need to go somewhere without the consent of their parents, they can still do it, although they will need to get rid of their phones, and given how important gadgets have become in the past few years especially for the youth, the fact that they will leave their phones somewhere is simply impossible.

Almost twenty million people in the United States alone have downloaded applications related to GPS tracking. These applications have not only made it easy for people to keep track of their relatives, but it has also helped in ensuring that these other family members are aware of important family events by keeping them informed about various activities.

Although a family locator provides a lot of benefits to parents, there are some questions that have been raised regarding the ethical implications of these devices. Is constant monitoring of children really the best parenting method? There have been child psychologists as well as mothers and fathers who have aired their concern over the fact that GPS tracking and a family locator can subconsciously tell kids that their parents do not trust them, which is why they are always being monitored.

There is also the trouble with compliance. Although it can be easy to persuade some kids to have a GPS tracker installed in their device, it can be hard for parents of rebellious teens. These teens will most likely think of the GPS tracking devices as means of furthering their parents’ control over them, and so they are less likely to comply to their parents’ request to have a GPS tracking device installed. There have been applications that can temporarily shut down smartphone functionality once activated by a parent which have received extremely negative reviews from teens across the world.

If you are a parent who is concerned with knowing your child’s whereabouts, it may be time for you to actually encourage your child to have a GPS tracker installed on their phone, thus making security less of a concern. Of course, it remains on the parents how they will educate their children regarding GPS tracking devices and putting this technology into good light, so hopefully they will be guided in explaining the need of tracking to their kids by the fact that it helps make their parents reachable to them, especially when they need it most.

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