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School Buses & Rounds Management System


A unique system for managing the school bus round trips that will link the school, the parents and the buses by one system through immediate and direct notifications


The school bus rounds management system helps the school administration monitor and track the movements of their buses to ensure the safety of students during their transportation to and from school. This new technology provides features that connect parents with the bus route via receiving notifications before the bus arrives at home and when boarding and getting off the bus with providing a quick and instant communication mechanism with the parents.
Parents can send coordinates of their house location through the application, which helps the school to organize school rounds with ease. The school bus rounds management system also helps to know the numbers and names of students on the buses at any time during the round.


For Schools

The cloud-based school rounds management system helps you manage your bus fleet efficiently by turning them into smart buses. The school administration can determine bus routes more efficiently using the program. That also helps reduce fuel consumption and increase the efficiency of the bus fleet.

  • Live tracking system via the map
  • Live updates on the school’s dashboard to see the number of active and completed rounds and the number of students on the buses.
  • Geographic lines are defined for drivers on the map for more control.
  • Records of bus movements can be saved for 30 days with availability to check it back and print at any time.
  • Provide information that helps to evaluate the performance of drivers and assistants.
  • Attendance records are available on the bus.
  • Multiple notifications and alerts to help you know the status of the school round.
  • An easy to use platform.

Benefits of The School Bus Tracker App

  • Both parents and schools can rely on it to monitor their children and students easily and from anywhere.
  • Track buses movements live – our system will show you the bus location at any time during the school round and you can track the buses movements live through your computer screen or cell phone.
  • Geographic lines – the school rounds management system allows you to set up areas on the map for each bus to prevent any change in the route, even if it happens by mistake or accidentally.
  • Rapid Response – the school rounds management system helps you deal with emergencies via locating the bus on the map.
  • Communication – parents can inform the school and the driver in case their son will miss the bus through the App, which saves a lot of time and fuel.
  • The school rounds management system is designed with an advanced GPS technology and is constantly updated and developed by adding additional features.
  • As the school rounds management system tracks bus movements and student arrival and departure times, this makes the school administration and the parents feel secure about the students’ safety and feel comfortable with using an easy tool within reach.

For Parents

This app instantly informs parents about the location of their children as they travel to and from school via notifications and alerts on their mobile phones. An alert arrives before the arrival of the bus at a predetermined distance to prepare their son to board the bus without wasting time. Parents are notified when their children get on or off the bus and when they arrive at school. The notification arrives with some information, such as the dates and times of when the children get on and off the bus, with the ability to retrieve this information.

  • One application for multiplied children

One of the advantages of the school rounds management App is that parents don’t need to use multiple applications to track the moves of each of their children who are attending the same school or other schools that use the App. This App is enough for them to monitor the moves of all their children.

  • Live updates of the bus location

Parents can follow bus movements during the round trip live from the start of the morning trip to the moment the child returns home.
• Monitor the movements of the child’s bus during the school trip.
• App. notifications when the child gets on or off the bus.
• Notify parents of the expected time of the bus arrival at home and that is when the bus is close to the house at a predetermined distance.

For Drivers

  • Security

The school rounds management system tells the driver about the student order to be picked up according to along with some details like a picture of the student and the phone numbers of his parents. The driver can also use the App to know the number of students taking the bus and check that the order of picking up the students is correct. He also receives the location of each student on the map.

  • Identification

The App displays the student’s address as well as his photo on the driver’s mobile so as he would be sure of the identity of the student getting on or off the bus, which helps to prevent any error in identifying any student.