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Tracks movement of Your School Busses from anywhere

An Amazing School Bus Tracker App that Tracks movement of Your School Busses from anywhere

help’s school оwnеrs kеер track of the School Bus Fleet activities for tackling safety of School Children to and from their School. Increase the performance of your School with this new technology today. The App. gives parents and School owners in real time the location and activities of a child while he or she is travelling to or from school.

For School

The cloud based School Bus Tracker App. helps you to manage your school bus fleet effectively by transforming them into Smart Buses. School authorities will be able to calculate more efficient better routes with the help of the software. It helps in reducing fuel consumption and improving the overall efficiency of a school bus fleets. Bus breakdowns and similar issues can be sorted out in quickly by using the school bus tracker App

  • GPS Live tracking from your desktop or mobile
  • Real time updates
  • Keep Bus Attendance
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Downloadable Reports
  • Performance Analysis
  • Over speeding or low battery notifications
  • Easy to read Dashboard

Benefit of The School Bus Tracker App

  • Better accountability for both parents and school owners
  • Track Live Bus Movements – Our SBT App will tell you where your bus is plying at any given time – track movement “live” on your computer or mobile screen.
  • Geo Fencing – SBT App allows you to fence the routes each bus has to take preventing any detour or diversion even by oversight or human error.
  • Quick Response – Our SBT App helps you to act fast in times of any emergency by giving you the exact location of the bus.
  • Communication – If parents do not want their kids to be picked up, they can inform you in advance thru the SBT App, saving you time and fuel.
  • Reliable Technology – Our SBT App is designed with advanced GPS technology and is upgraded constantly for additional facilities and reliability.
  • Security and Ease – As the SBT App tracks every movement from pick up to dropping back of students, School Managements feel secured about the safety of the children and feel at ease with an excellent tool at hand.

For Parents

The App. gives Parents in real time the location of their child while he or she is travelling to or from school. Parents get a notification as to when their child enters or leaves from the bus along with the location and time of the activity. The estimated time of arrival of a child is also notified to parents so that time is not wasted waiting for the bus.

    • Single App. for Multiple Children

One feature of the School Bus Tracker App. is that Parents do not need to have multiple Apps to manage the activities of multiple children. With just a single App installed, Parents can manage more than one child. This becomes so necessary when Parents have more than one child in a particular school, all the children can be managed from one single Application.

    • Real Time Location and Route

Once the child bоаrdѕ the bus, раrеntѕ will be аblе tо see the rеаl-tіmе location along with the route so that they can plan accordingly for their convenience.
• Tracks movement of their child’s school bus from anywhere
• A notification to the parents upon the entry or exit of their child from the school bus,
• Parents are also alerted about the expected time of arrival of the bus when the bus is 500 meters away.

For Drivers

The School Bus Tracker App. allows drivers to instantly find the next available destination route along with contact details and a photo of the child. Drivers can receive the exact address of each student on the trip. The App allows the driver to take note of the number of students that are on-board and also confirming trip paves way.

    • Safe Driving – The SBT App alerts drivers when they exceed speed limits set in the App and helps them to maintain a safe speed.
    • Photo Identity – The SBT App displays the photo and address of the student to be picked up and dropped on the driver’s mobile – eliminates chances of any mistaken identity.
    • Improves Efficiency – Our SBT App lists details of students, addresses and pick up and drop off points, enabling drivers to execute their job more efficiently